Tuesday, March 01, 2011


What an inexcusable behavior behind my birthday.

Some entrance examination questions at Kyoto University were uploaded to the Yahoo! Japan question-and-answer bulletin board called "知恵袋 (Chiebukuro)" from a mobile phone during the test time.

The alleged cheater, who used the online pseudonym "aicezuki", is also believed to have posted questions on the bulletin board while taking the entrance exams for Doshisha, Rikkyo, and Waseda universities.

It has been unclear how aicezuki posted them and got the answers.

Here is the aicezuki's record.

I think that aicezuki must be clever and intelligent because he or she took those exams of such prestigious universities.

I wonder if academic background-oriented society produced by the latest difficulty of getting jobs could be a hotbed of not only the network crime but also contaminating people's innocence...

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  1. Thought you might like to know that this blog entry made it to #4 in (English) google for the search "aicezuki." It's a nice blog ^^