Sunday, March 13, 2011

Catastrophe in Japan

Japan has been hit by a massive tsunami triggered by a monster earthquake majoring magunitude 8.8.

That devastating tsunami has engulfed entire towns and villeges in north-eastern Pacific coast, and authorities has alerted to evacuate quickly for the duration of the tsunami attack.

The following NHK video shows the terrible situation in Kamaishi, Iwate.


It's just like a movie scene.

Fortunately my family and I are fine.

When the first earthquake hit, I was teaching English to a high school student at Eigonoie.

I heard the creak of air conditioner and walls, and then I felt the earth shaking.

The traffic was paralyzed and we had a bad connection.

And people made a long line in front of Eigonoie to use a telephone box.

In that chaotic situation, Twitter was much helpful for me.

I could know what was happening then, and whether my friends were fine or not.

And happily there's no bad news with my acquaintances so far.

A small earthquake occers in various parts of Japan in every five minutes today.

I hope a massive earthquake never comes in a couple of days...

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