Monday, March 14, 2011

Never Give Up

A minute's silence was observed before the start of all the Spanish football matches as a mark of respect for the victims of Friday's deadly earthquake in Japan.

The following photo shows us a strong message.

Just before the match Barcelona and Sevilla players bore a big banner saying "Ganbare, Nippon! Bokurawa Kimito Tomoniiru. (Go, Japan! We stand beside you.)"

And other football teams in other countries also showed a message of solidarity to the Japanese earthquake victims.

Inter Milan and Brescia players including a small Japanese left back Yuto Nagatomo wore black bands in mourning for the victims. Soon after Inter's striker Samuel Eto'o scored in the 18th minute, immediately pointed toward Nagatomo, and ran to hug him. It was only one of the many displays of sympathy toward the victims of the earthquake.

Schalke's defender Atsuto Uchida poses with a jersey after their German Bundesliga football match win against Eintracht Frankfurt in Gelsenkirchen on March 12th. The words said "Nihon no minae, Sukoshidemo ookuno inochiga sukuwaremasuyoni, Tomoni ikiyo! (Dear friends in Japan, in the hope that many lives are saved, let us stand together!)".

And our Urawa Reds coach Zeljko Petrovic suggested that Urawa Reds players should find something to do for the victims and hold a charity match to contribute a part of profits to the reconstruction in the devastated areas.

I was greatly touched with their kindness.

Their encouragements must be a boost to our flagging morale.

Do not give up till the end.

If we give up now, the game will end...

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