Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Patience

All the lights were suddenly turned off at 15:40 today.

The air conditioner stopped working and it got very cold.

So we moved to Royal Pines Hotel lobby (because it was a little warmer there than in Eigonoie) and waited there until the blackout span was done.

At first I tried to read some English books but soon I found it difficult to do it under the natural light.

I got tired of waiting there, then I went for a walk.

In front of Isetan, I found many of our Urawa Reds players standing and collecting a relief fund for the earthquake victims.

Of course I raised money to the collection box which Yosuke Kashiwagi held.

All the J-League matches have been canceled because of the devastating earthquake.

They showed their wonderful attitude outside the pitch!!

When it comes to footballers, Inter Milan's defender Yuto Nagatomo sent an encouraging message again after the 3-2 Champions League victory over Bayern Munich.

He held a Japanese flag with "You'll never walk alone" written on it.

I think trying to do something for victims is much better than doing nothing.

Madam, do not buy too much only for yourself.

Imagine that every small patience will turn into the sufferers' smile.

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